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Dive into pro tips to make attracting clients as a professional organizer or residential cleaner as simple- and effective– as possible.

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Attract House Cleaning Service Leads With Keywords

Create and share content with these keywords to attract house cleaning service leads.

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Episode 27: How to Use Industry-Specific Stock Photography to Stand Out Locally

When sharing photos to social media or on your website, an extra bit of polish can go a long way in positioning your professional organizing service- and standing out from the competition.

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Episode 26: 4 Reasons to Collaborate with Other Service Providers

In this episode, Shanna outlines four compelling reasons to seek out and collaborate with other service providers, specifically service providers that are already working in the homes of your ideal client.

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Episode 25: Why 2022 is the Year to Grow Your Organizing Business

Certified Professional Organizer and NAPO President Amy Tokos joins Shanna for this episode to discuss why there’s never been a better time to grow- or start- your business as a professional organizer.

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Episode 24: Systems to Scale Your Business with Cathy DeNooyer

Developing systems to scale visibility will not only make your life easier, but will help you grow your business exponentially.

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Episode 23: How to Delegate Like a CEO

Thinking like a CEO will help your business grow and you’ll be happier in it because you’ve taken time to determine your ideal business and your ideal role in it.

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Episode 22: Instagram Posting & Exactly How Many Hashtags to Use

Instagram recently came out with a recommendation of using only 3-5 hashtags per post, but in this episode Shanna will share why less isn’t more in this circumstance.

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Episode 21: Speaking Your Clients’ Language with Dana K. White

In this episode, Shanna and decluttering expert Dana K. White discuss how different people relate to decluttering and organization, and how to tailor your communication style to attract clients that aren’t naturally tidy.

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Episode 20: How to Get Started with Facebook Ads with Maggie Benson

Facebook ad specialist Maggie Benson joins Shanna on this episode to outline all the major components you need to start your first set of Facebook ads.

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Episode 19: There Are Only 2 Ways to Get Clients

There are only two ways to get clients and Shanna covers them both in this episode. 

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Episode 18: How the Enneagram Explains Clutter Styles (Plus How You Can Use it to Better Serve Your Clients)

In this episode, Kadie Smith and Shanna geek out over all things Enneagram and how to tailor your client communication- even your sales pitch- using this awesome tool.

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Episode 17: Pivoting to Pro Organizer Marketing Made Simple

In this episode, Shanna shares her decision to pivot her focus- and business- on doing more of what she loves.

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Episode 16: Increase Your Search Rankings for Free with Google My Business

Google My Business is the single most important thing to manage and regularly update when it comes to ensuring your service-based business is found locally. Listen for simple tips to claim and manage your free Google My Business account.

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Small business growth expert and home services fan girl Shanna Goodman will share practical and applicable steps for attracting a steady stream of clients.

Topics include: how to do a digital audit and make sure your online presence is working *for* you, how to make an annual promo calendar so you’re not always scrambling for social media content, top social media tips to get noticed locally, and the best free marketing tools to attract new clients.

Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 17 years. Raised by entrepreneurs, she is a voracious reader and writer, regularly contributing to Business Insider, Forbes, and Fit Small Business.

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