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Dive into pro tips to make attracting clients as a professional organizer or residential cleaner as simple- and effective– as possible.

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Episode 54: Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be On (How to Get Clients as a Professional Organizer)

In this episode, we discuss which social media platforms you should be on to get clients as a professional organizer.

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– Recent Episodes –

Episode 41: How to Create a Client Experience That Will Keep Them Coming Back (And Referring You to Their Friends)

Paying attention to (and improving) the client experience in your professional organizing business will not only delight your existing clients, it will keep them coming back for more. And? They’ll probably even tell their friends how much they loved working with you.

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Episode 40: How to Boost Sales When You Feel Like You’ve Done Everything

Learning how to boost sales as a professional organizer will help sustain you through the slow times. Here’s how to get your phone ringing.

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Episode 39: The Secrets to Growing a Sustainable Business

To grow a sustainable business as an organizer, you have to have a solid strategy in place to continuously attract ideal clients.

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Episode 38: 6 Additional Revenue Streams to Diversify & Increase Your Income with Cas Aarssen

Cas Aarssen of Clutterbug and Hot Mess House on HGTV shares revenue streams that will increase your income as a professional organizer.

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Episode 37: Lead Magnets to Attract Your Ideal Client as a Professional Organizer (Plus 30 Ideas to Make Your Own)

In this episode, Shanna covers lead magnets for marketing your professional organizing business, plus shares more than 30 ideas of lead magnets you can make today.

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Episode 36: A Simple Sales Funnel You Can Implement Today To Attract Clients as a Professional Organizer

Online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a simple sales funnel you can implement today to attract clients.

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Episode 35: How a Sales Funnel Helps You Consistently Attract Clients as a Professional Organizer

A sales funnel a visual representation of how a prospective client finds you, becomes aware of what you have to offer, and ultimately hire you.

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Episode 34: How to Set Up Gmail With Your Domain Name for a Professional Looking Email Address

You need a professional-looking email address if you want to be seen as the pro you are. In this episode, Shanna shares how to use Gmail to manage your domain email address.

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Episode 33: How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Local Clients

What do G.I. Joe, Legos, and The Pioneer Woman all have in common? Find out in this episode along with content marketing tips to get your pro organizing business found by local clients.

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Episode 32: Read These 6 Books In This Order If You Want to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Shanna shares the six books she recommends most frequently. You can read them in this order to lay the groundwork for a strong business foundation, even if you’ve never taken a single business class.

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Episode 31: Copywriting Tips to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

A prospective client has landed on your website! Congrats! What are they seeing now?  Will what they see take them on the journey of convincing them you’re the professional organizer for them? 

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Episode 30: Answer These FAQs on Your Website to Book Your Dream Clients

Answering frequently asked questions on your website, in blog posts, or on social media is a great way to attract your ideal clients. Not only will you enhance your website’s seo, you’ll be answering the exact questions prospective clients have, positioning YOU as the perfect pro organizer for them.

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Small business growth enthusiast and home services fan girl Shanna Goodman will share practical and applicable steps for attracting a steady stream of clients.

Topics include: how to do a digital audit and make sure your online presence is working *for* you, how to make an annual promo calendar so you’re not always scrambling for social media content, top social media tips to get noticed locally, and the best free marketing tools to attract new clients.

Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 17 years. Raised by entrepreneurs, she is a voracious reader and writer, regularly contributing to Business Insider, Forbes, and Fit Small Business.

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