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Home Pros Marketing Made Simple

Dive into pro tips to make attracting clients as a professional organizer or residential cleaner as simple- and effective– as possible.

– Featured Episode –

Episode 54: Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be On (How to Get Clients as a Professional Organizer)

In this episode, we discuss which social media platforms you should be on to get clients as a professional organizer.

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– Recent Episodes –

Episode 17: Pivoting to Pro Organizer Marketing Made Simple

In this episode, Shanna shares her decision to pivot her focus- and business- on doing more of what she loves.

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Episode 16: Increase Your Search Rankings for Free with Google My Business

Google My Business is the single most important thing to manage and regularly update when it comes to ensuring your service-based business is found locally. Listen for simple tips to claim and manage your free Google My Business account.

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Episode 15: The Evolution of an Interior Design Studio with Amanda Purdom

In this episode, small business owner Amanda Purdom shares specifics on how she secured her first clients, what worked right away, and what had to be fine-tuned over the years to scale her business from 2 people to a profitable team of 13.

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Episode 14: How to Become a Professional Organizer with BarbieJo Hatch

The pandemic and popular culture have fueled demand for professional organization. Pro organizing veteran and coach, BarbieJo Hatch, tells us how she created a flourishing business and how you can, too.

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Episode 13: Top 4 Ways to Attract New Clients for Your Professional Organizing Business

The simplest and most effective ways to attract clients for your professional organizing business might surprise you.

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Episode 12: Why Small Businesses Need a Blog & How to Get Started

A blog is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to promote your small business. If done correctly, blogs will drive traffic to your site, establish you as an authority in your profession, and increase your sales.

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Episode 11: How to Get Financially Fit with Jamie Trull

You can’t scale a business that isn’t profitable. Small business financial literacy coach and profit strategist Jamie Trull shares how to get financially fit in this episode.

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Episode 10: How to Make Business Travel Easier & More Fun

Business travel doesn’t have to be a drag. In this episode, Shanna shares some simple tips to reduce stress and build in more things that you enjoy.

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Episode 9: Defining Vision with Mary Houlihan

Spiritual life coach, Mary Houlihan joins On Track to share her journey feeling unfulfilled in her sales career, grappling with what making a difference means, and then stumbling upon an entirely new and unexpected career.

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Episode 8: Rethinking Possibilities with Molly Mahar

In this episode, Molly Mahar shares her journey helping women reclaim intimate, honest, and joyful relationships, all while rethinking what’s possible in life.

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Episode 7: Taking Bold Risks with Adam Auriemma

Adam Auriemma joins On Track with Shanna Goodman to discuss his journey of channeling his love of media and ability to write and edit into service-based journalism.

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Episode 6: Practice, Not Perfection

Overcoming perfectionism isn’t easy, but think about the concept of “practicing” instead. Just as someone “practices” yoga by pushing a little further each time, look for ways to just keep moving forward with your business.

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Small business growth enthusiast and home services fan girl Shanna Goodman will share practical and applicable steps for attracting a steady stream of clients.

Topics include: how to do a digital audit and make sure your online presence is working *for* you, how to make an annual promo calendar so you’re not always scrambling for social media content, top social media tips to get noticed locally, and the best free marketing tools to attract new clients.

Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 17 years. Raised by entrepreneurs, she is a voracious reader and writer, regularly contributing to Business Insider, Forbes, and Fit Small Business.

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