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Episode 8: Rethinking Possibilities with Molly Mahar

Molly Mahar joins On Track with Shanna Goodman to discuss her journey helping women reclaim intimate, honest + joyful relationships while rethinking what’s possible. 

Molly Mahar is the founder of Stratejoy — an online community that has helped thousands of women reclaim joy and meaning in their world. She’s an entrepreneur, mama, and adventurer obsessed with taboo topics, designing personal experiments, and the power of sisterhood. Molly teaches everything she knows about claiming ownership of your life + your truth in her 10 month online program, Reclamation. You can access her free training on the 21 Life Skills of the Reclaimed Woman, connect with her via Instagramor join her for a live online Circle. Molly’s superpowers? Telling the truth kindly, gathering awesome women together, and yes — reclaiming joy.

Resources discussed in this episode:

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Small business growth expert, Shanna Goodman, will share practical and applicable steps on the mindset and mechanics of pursuing purpose in your small business. 

Topics include: uncovering your purpose and how to continuously anchor yourself to it, how to overcome procrastination, and even nitty gritty details like how to position yourself online so that you’re found by your ideal clients. 

Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 16 years. 

Raised by entrepreneurs, she is a voracious reader and writer, regularly contributing to Business Insider, Forbes, Fit Small Business, Create & Cultivate, and Working Mother.