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Episode 9: Defining Vision with Life Coach Mary Houlihan

Spiritual life coach, Mary Houlihan joins On Track to share her journey feeling unfulfilled in her sales career, grappling with what making a difference means, and then stumbling upon an entirely new and unexpected career.

This conversation covers how pursuing purpose requires identifying an anchor or foundation of beliefs to help you decide what’s worth pursuing. 

Resources discussed in this episode:

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Small business growth expert, Shanna Goodman, will share practical and applicable steps on the mindset and mechanics of pursuing purpose in your small business. 

Topics include: uncovering your purpose and how to continuously anchor yourself to it, how to overcome procrastination, and even nitty gritty details like how to position yourself online so that you’re found by your ideal clients. 

Shanna Goodman has been helping small businesses grow in meaningful ways for more than 16 years. 

Raised by entrepreneurs, she is a voracious reader and writer, regularly contributing to Business Insider, Forbes, Fit Small Business, Create & Cultivate, and Working Mother.