Want to attract more residential cleaning leads? 

Earlier this week I taught a workshop for ISSA Residential (formerly known as ARCSI) about my Ultimate Marketing Checklist to Attract Residential Cleaning Leads.

Want the Cliffs Notes version? Here it is!

Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Attracting Residential Cleaning Leads

First, focus on these things: 

  1. Define Intent
  2. Get Listed on Local Search Directories
  3. Create Local Visibility on Social Media 

Regarding intent, be clear on the value you provide and to whom you provide the most value. 

Regarding intent, be clear on the value you provide and to whom you provide the most value. 

Some local search directories you need to be on include a Google Business profile, Thumbtack, and Yelp. Find My Organizer and InHome Boutique Spaces are great, too, if your service offerings fit the directories. All of these offer free basic listings. 

Lastly, you can focus on local social media visibility by being engaged in local community groups on Facebook and by including local hashtags and location tagging on Instagram. 

Daily (Check-in and engage):

  • Facebook neighborhood and community groups
  • Comment on social posts of other local home service providers
  • Reply to comments and direct messages on social media 

Weekly (Share content):

  • Update your Google Business profile
  • Send an email to our list of past clients and prospective clients
  • Share a client success story or testimonial
  • Tell your followers how to schedule a consultation with you

Monthly (Create content):

  • Create a blog post using keywords
  • Write a client success story
  • Gather testimonials and Google reviews
  • Create new social media graphics with testimonials and reviews

Quarterly & Annually (Evaluate & optimize):

  • Review the numbers (social media followers, email list subscribers, new clients and where they came from)
  • Check in on social media bios and links
  • Review social media insights 
  • Research keywords
  • Create and share a new lead magnet (to entice people to subscribe to your email list)

That’s how you attract residential cleaning leads. What can you start today?

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