Are you interested in attracting house cleaning service leads? 

In a previous post, I created a kind of a Cliffs Notes version of my Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Attracting Clients

The highlights were to focus on these things: 

  1. Define Intent
  2. Get Listed on Local Search Directories
  3. Create Local Visibility on Social Media 


Regarding intent, be clear on the value you provide and to whom you provide the most value. 

I recommend you monthly create content (suggestions below in bullet points). 

Monthly (Create content):
  • Create a blog post using keywords
  • Write a client success story
  • Gather testimonials and Google reviews
  • Create new social media graphics with testimonials and reviews

But, what keywords do you use to write content? 

You can research them on Ubersuggest or Google’s Keyword Planner and get ideas. 

You want keywords that are relevant to your cleaning business. If you don’t do carpet cleaning or windows, don’t use those keywords. You want to find an optimal amount of volume- search traffic (meaning people are actually typing these keywords into Google) and a medium amount of competition. If there’s high competition, you’ll probably be competing with big corporations and you won’t be able to compete because they’ve likely invested millions of dollars in their online brand. 

Or, you can use this list:

Keyword/phrase Avg. Monthly Searches Competition
carpet cleaning 100K - IM High
window cleaning 100K - IM High
house cleaning 100K - IM Medium
cleaning services 100K - IM Medium
commercial cleaning service 10K - 100K Medium
green clean 10K - 100K High
office cleaning 10K - 100K Medium
commercial cleaning 10K - 100K Medium
spring cleaning 10K - 100K Low
cleaning company 10K - 100K Medium
move out cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
cleaning staff 1K - 10K Low
hospital cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
move-in cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
professional cleaners 1K - 10K Medium
apartment cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
post-construction cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
residential cleaning 1K - 10K Low
warehouse cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
weekly cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
rental cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
monthly cleaning 1K - 10K Medium
Some more ideas: 
  • Cleaning services for hoarders
  • Cleaning services hoarding
  • Cleaning services for airbnb