As a busy small business owner, it is critical that you are using Facebook on a consistent basis. 

It’s difficult to remember when to post, let alone come up with original ideas for your posts at a moment’s notice. Yes, you can set a calendar reminder to post on Facebook. But, the easiest option is to use Facebook’s scheduling tool to plan your posts. 

Think of all the time you will save each day without having to strain your brain to develop compelling posts for your Facebook Business page. 

Facebook has made scheduling posts as simple as 1,2, 3!

Recent Changes to Facebook’s Scheduling Tool

Recently, Facebook has changed its desktop layout. Facebook’s change affects how small businesses plan out and schedule posts to their Facebook Business page. 

This article will take you step-by-step through the process of using Facebook’s scheduling tool to plan your posts. 

Steps to Using Facebook’s Scheduling Tool to Plan Your Posts

  1.  The first step in using Facebook’s scheduling tool to plan your posts is to pull up your Facebook business page. 
  1.  Next, you will click on “Create Post.”
  1. Facebook now requires you to click “Publishing Tools” at the very bottom of your future post. 
  1. After clicking on “Publishing Tools,” Facebook will take you to a page that is titled, “Manage Your Business on Facebook and Instagram Together.” The new option is great because now you can easily schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts in the same place. 
  1. Click “Create Post.” 
  1. After clicking on “Create Post,” Facebook will ask where you want to post. You will click the business page you want to schedule your post.
  1. Underneath Placement, you will see a space for the text of your post.
  1. After writing your caption in the text box, you will add images directly beneath the box. 
  1. The next step in scheduling your post is to click on the blue box with an arrow. It is in the right-hand corner next to the blue “Publish” option. 
  1. Once you click the arrow, you will see a box pop up that says, “Schedule Post,” with a clock icon next to it.
  1. Click “Schedule Post.”
  1. A calendar will pop up. Choose the date and time you want your post to be published. 
  1. Next, click “Save.”
  1. You should see a pop-up that reads, “It may take a few minutes to schedule this post. You can confirm it was successfully scheduled by checking the posts tab.”
  1. After a few minutes, you want to check that your post was scheduled by checking “Scheduled Posts.”

When scheduling days and times, it is essential to utilize Facebook Audience Insights to find peak posting times to reach the most Facebook users.  

You can always edit or delete your scheduled post by simply clicking on it and following the prompts. 

Facebook’s Scheduling Tool Makes Posting Easy

Using Facebook’s scheduling tool to plan your posts saves time. As a small business owner, often things unexpectedly arise. Using Facebook’s Scheduling Tool makes sure that no curve ball thrown at you will affect your social media marketing efforts. 

Scheduling your posts allows you to reach your audience at peak times. Whether you are in a meeting or having dinner with your family, your post will be published at the most advantageous time.

Consistency is key when growing your social media audience. Facebook’s scheduling tool allows you to plan up to 6 months in advance, ensuring your followers continue visiting your page and interacting with your posts. Once you gain engagement and consistency, your customers’ algorithms pick up on your activity; therefore, Facebook will begin showing them more of your content in their newsfeed.