When you Google professional organizers in your area, what results do you get? Does your website show up?

If you see your competition show up and your business doesn’t, that is money you won’t see.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how people find you on search engines. 


What is the goal of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to have your website show up towards the top of the first page when people are searching for a professional organizer in your area.

People searching on Google for your specific industry are ready to purchase your service. But, they have to be able to find you first. 

SEO does not happen overnight. It is a slow and steady process. The same way you won’t drop 20 lbs after the first day of your diet, you won’t see the maximum benefits of SEO right away either.


SEO Tips For Professional Organizers to Implement

Google’s top priority is to display relevant links in users’ search results. High-quality content that meets the needs of people is what Google ranks highest. 

Researching relevant keywords and matching your content to those keywords is the golden rule of SEO. 

We have compiled tips to help you get found online. 


Use Relevant Keywords

The keywords and phrases in your content make it possible for users to find you through search engines and are one of the main elements of SEO. 

Having relevant keywords is crucial for organic search results.

An effective keyword is a term closely related to your business with many requests in Google. 

Some relevant keyword phrases for professional organizers are “home organizer” and “professional declutter.” 

Integrate your keywords into the title of web pages as well as your blogs. Add keywords to the beginning of your text while making sure it looks natural to your content.

If you list your keywords one after another, you risk being identified by search engine monitoring, resulting in penalizing your website. 


Produce High-Quality Content

SEO newbies will hear this over and over again. You have to produce high-quality content to have any chance of being found on Google.

Remember, Google wants to keep its users happy. Low-quality content equals unhappy customers.

When was the last time you updated your website?

If the answer is you haven’t updated it since you created it, chances are you have a very low SEO ranking.

Your goal is to get more customers. You reach that goal by driving traffic to your site. Therefore, you have to give visitors a reason to visit your site. Getting more customers happens by creating recent, relevant, high-quality content. 

What do you do with your favorite websites? You bookmark them. When users bookmark your website, it helps your SEO ranking. 

As a professional organizer, the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas for content. Make people want to revisit your site. 


Begin Blogging

Blogging is fantastic for professional organizing businesses. 

It is an excellent way to create lead generation and simultaneously improve your SEO ranking. 

As mentioned above, producing relevant, evergreen content drives people to your website. Blogs are the perfect medium to accomplish this goal.

Establishing a group of loyal readers gets a ton of traffic headed toward your website. That group of faithful readers then shares your blogs and so on.

Getting started blogging may be your most significant challenge. Come up with a list of blog ideas that will get your brain in gear. Commit to one blog a week, then two, then three. The more you blog, the greater chance you have of becoming visible on Google. 


Include Links in Your Content

People want to make sure they are reading a credible source. You do that by backing up your claims. 

External links are hyperlinks that point to another website other than yours. These websites should back up your research.

Make sure the external links you include are recent. Linking an article from 2005 won’t be as effective for your SEO ranking.

Using external links passes ranking power because search engines see the content as popular. 

External links are a significant source of ranking power. 

Internal linking is when you direct visitors to another page of your website.

Using internal links strategically can help your page ranking. Internal links help Google locate, index, and understand the pages on your website. 


Get Found Online With These SEO Tips

For your professional organizer business to get found online, your priority must be optimizing your website. 

If you are only beginning to put effort towards SEO, don’t overwhelm yourself. SEO can be tricky and takes time to understand. 

Start with these SEO tips, monitor your results, and soon enough, you’ll be soaring to the top search results on Google.


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