Love it or hate it, social media is one of the most powerful marketing resources professional organizers have available.Most likely, you have used social media for personal use and maybe your organizing business. However, there is a lot more to social media than just throwing some photos up here and there and hoping to grow your following!

There is a science behind the success of social media. This article will show you how to create a social media plan specifically for professional organizers. 


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a system of using social media platforms to promote your brand, product, or service.

Social media marketing helps professional organizers increase their brand awareness, provide customer service, build relationships with customers, and advertise products and services to their target audiences. 


What are the Most Effective Social Media Platforms For Professional Organizers?

Truthfully, there isn’t a wrong social media platform for organizers. The goal is to reach your target audience and build trust and excitement for your brand. 

Throwing yourself onto every social media platform when you are just beginning can quickly end up with your hands thrown in the air and a “this is too much” attitude. 

To keep your momentum going, we recommend starting small and growing as you learn. 

Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are the best social media platforms for professional organizers to begin seeing results from their efforts. 


Facebook Business Groups

Facebook is the cream of the social media crop for professional organizers. Facebook is the perfect platform to show off your expertise and build trust with your target audience.

Start a Facebook Business page, don’t worry about getting a ton of followers. Instead, your goal is to create a Facebook group for your business.  

Most businesses focus on their Facebook Business page without utilizing the benefits of Facebook Groups for business where like-minded people come together and share their common interests.

Professional organizers couldn’t ask for a better platform than Facebook Groups for business. Who doesn’t need help organizing? On your page, you can add your blogs, give tips, and start conversations. 

When beginning, invite everyone on your personal Facebook to your Facebook group. Follow other local businesses that make sense and ask them to join your page. Search for local mom groups, and be sure to post your content in any groups where potential clients could be lurking. 

The key to getting more Facebook followers is to engage with your audience and the groups you belong to while nurturing your audience and building a community.


Create a Pseudo-Portfolio on Pinterest 

Professional organizers must market themselves on Pinterest. Just being on Pinterest and showing your audience how well you organize a large amount of information into categories is an effective marketing strategy in itself. 

If you already have a Pinterest for your business, make sure it is cleaned up and organized. Delete any pins that aren’t attractive or don’t make sense to your business. 

Pinterest, in essence, is your pseudo-portfolio. Use your Pinterest to gather the thousands of ideas out there and organize them, so your clients see you can solve any organizational issue. 

Use Pinterest boards to generate inspiration and idea kits. You will gain clients solely based on them loving your taste.

Stream your feed onto your website by using a Pinterest plug-in. This plug-in allows another way to showcase your creativity to potential clients without the issues of posting photos that don’t belong to you. 

Creating boards for your clients is an effective way to display your ideas and develop a pseudo-portfolio of your past work while allowing your clients to refer to it at any time. 


The Power of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram continues to be the hot spot for marketing, with 50% of people visiting a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service and 400 million active users daily. 

Professional organizers can use Instagram to show off their talent. Before and after pictures are a great way to display your work.

However, the real power of Instagram is in the hashtags. Yes, you can use hashtags on other platforms, but they won’t yield the same results. 

When used purposefully, hashtags provide many benefits, like getting your content in front of your target audience and raising your brand awareness. 

It’s essential to get a relevant local audience. One way to help is to tag your location to each post. 

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on each post. 

As an organizer, it is crucial not to create clutter with your hashtags. Don’t put hashtags in your caption. Instead, hide your hashtags, keeping everything tidy.

Hashtagging requires you to know which trending hashtags are relevant. For example, as a professional organizer, you don’t want to use #summer as a hashtag, but you may want to use #summerorganizing. 


Helping the Organizer Stay Organized

Even though you may be the most organized person, any of your friends know, embarking on an effective social media campaign alone may require a little help.

Using a social media scheduling tool like or Hootsuite helps you save time and publish a balanced mix of content across all your platforms. Additionally, a scheduling tool will post content at optimal times. 

Social media marketing is a priceless tool at your disposal. Learning the trade tricks will have you seeing an increase in profit and trust in your target audience.


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