When it comes to must-read blog ideas for your organizing business, you have to discover topics that will resonate with your audience. Most likely, you have a good idea of what makes a compelling blog, but coming up with blog ideas can be difficult. 

Here are some ways to brainstorm great blog ideas for your organizing business.

Listen to Your Customers

Your customers are the best source for blog ideas. You come into contact with people requiring your service every day. These are the type of people you want to read your blog. 

Keep a journal where you can jot down ideas for your blog. What questions do they ask? What comments do they make? Your customers’ questions and concerns will be the best source for your blog content. 

Pay Attention to SEO

A critical goal of blogging is to help with SEO. Make sure your content will serve your audience and fit into your SEO strategy.

Rely on keywords to help generate traffic and give you must-read blog ideas for your organizing business. 

Use SEO tools to inspire topic ideas that match top-performing keywords you should be using in your content.  Google Keyword Planner searches for relevant words and phrases that relate to your service. 

For example, using Google Keyword Planner, you can type in “organizing,” and a list will generate phrases such as organizing bin, organizing kitchen cabinets, and so forth. Take that list and brainstorm ideas for your blog. 

Brainstorm With Google

Google is a revolutionary search engine with its predictive search text. When you type your search, Google will come up with a list of predictions for your search. This predictive algorithm fills in missing words with popular searches. 

Using Google to brainstorm is a simple way to generate blog ideas. Type in “organizing” and see what pops up. Use Google’s prediction to come up with ideas. Using Google to brainstorm is a great way to see what people are searching for in the professional organizing industry. 

Join Facebook Groups

You know your target audience, so you know what type of Facebook groups they will join.

Facebook groups are a rich source for blog ideas. The only thing you need to do is pay attention to the questions members are asking.

Moms are a large part of your target audience. Join Facebook groups where busy moms will be active. 

You will find tons of questions asked by moms looking for simple ways to organize their hectic lives. Take those questions and add them to your list of ideas. 

Read Other Professional Organizers’ Blogs

We don’t mean, steal people’s ideas. But, you can come up with tons of must-read blog ideas just by avidly reading other organizers’ blogs. 

Another way to brainstorm ideas for your content is by reading comments on other blogs.

You may come across a blog that focuses on kitchen organization. And although the author made excellent points and had fantastic ideas, most likely, every question posed in the comment section won’t be answered. Take that question and create ideas for your blog. 

Keep a List

The need for content creation never ends. To have a successful blog, you will always need fresh content.

Keeping a running list can be surprisingly helpful. Even copywriters get writer’s block, and if writing is not what you do exclusively, most likely, you will experience many ebbs and flows when it comes to content writing.

While you are having a conversation with a parent on your daughter’s soccer team, something she says may cause you to think, “that is a great idea for a blog.” Please write it down. Do it right when the lightbulb turns on before you forget. There are several great note-taking apps you can use. An app on your phone is a great place to keep your running list. 

Don’t concern yourself about whether the topics you come up with are relevant. Just write them down. Most likely, at some point, all of your brainstorm topics will be relevant. 

Brainstorming Must-Read Blog Ideas is an Ongoing Process

We can’t promise that you will never get writer’s block because you will. However, now you have the keys to create a list of ideas for your blog. And since there is zero chance that content as a marketing strategy is going away soon, your brainstorm list will keep working for you during those times you experience a mental block for blog ideas. 

Hopefully, these tips on brainstorming will help you come up with blog ideas for your organizing business.