The truth is, online marketing can be challenging. However, to gain visibility and reach your target audience, advertising your business online is necessary.

We have found five ways to effectively advertise your organizing business online, depending on your budget and experience. 


Create a Landing Page

In digital marketing and advertising, landing pages are essential. In simple terms, a landing page is a single web page where businesses offer some resource in exchange for a person’s contact information. 

Your landing page funnels visitors from a link within a social media post, Facebook ad, email, or any other source. Landing pages will generate leads for your organizing businesses by inviting interested visitors to call your business, send you a message, or fill out a form with contact information. 


Purchase Search Engine Ads

Search engine advertising places online ads in search engine results. Most likely, you will be most familiar with search engine advertising on Google.

What makes search engine advertising so powerful is that visitors are searching for your exact service in your region. This type of online advertising allows you to reach a particular targeted audience. 

You can bid for your ad to show up in search results when people in your city type “professional organizer.” 

Google Ads are pay-per-click (PPC). Using PPC, you will pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads will direct people to whatever web page you choose; this should be your landing page. Using Google Ads, you set your budget, and Google will do the rest.  

Google Ads are a fantastic way to grow your organizing business because they focus on your regional target audience. 


Use Facebook Ads

One social media platform that no professional organizer trying to build their clientele should ignore is Facebook. Why? Well, how many people do you know that don’t have a Facebook account? How many times a day do you check your Facebook? That’s how many times everyone else is checking theirs, and they may be checking it more.

The point is, everyone is on Facebook. Other than Google Ads, Facebook offers the most significant online advertising opportunity out there. 

The best part about Facebook Ads – they are cheap! Facebook ads cost a fraction of what Google Ads will cost you. Facebook Ads are an excellent option for professional organizers that are financially strapped or just starting their business.  

Facebook allows business owners to choose their daily budget for as little as $5 a day. And, yes, you will see results. You can easily reach over 8,000 plus people with as little as $100. 

Another benefit to Facebook ads is the placement. Your ad won’t just be shown on Facebook; it will also appear on Instagram. 


Run a Giveaway on Your Social Media

A free way to advertise your organizing business online is by running a giveaway on your social media page. 

Running a giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram page increases your brand visibility and builds an engaged community.

Before beginning a giveaway, make a goal. Your goal can be getting more followers, driving traffic to your website, or just creating brand awareness. 

Although running your giveaway is free, you will need to budget for the prize or prizes. Typically, giveaways that have more than one winner receive more exposure. 

As an organizer, you can give away a service, a coaching session, or a piece of home decor. The ideas for a giveaway in your profession are endless. 

Create the terms of your giveaway. Your rules can include reposts, comments, following, liking, or tagging. 


Start a Blog

Another low-cost or free way to advertise your organizing business online is by starting a blog. 

Blogs are an organic way to advertise. According to a 2021 study by HubSpot, businesses who consistently blog are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment (ROI). 

Blogging not only drives website traffic; it also promotes your services and builds trust with prospective clients. 

Once you have traffic coming to your site through your blog, you can convert that traffic into leads using a call-to-action (CTA), leading to your landing page or a phone call to your business. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in your blogs. SEO makes your website more visible to potential customers’ entering keywords associated with your business into search engines. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool is a great way to find your blogs’ most effective words and phrases. 


Start Promoting Your Professional Organizing Business

There is no single guaranteed strategy for advertising your organizing business online. The correct method will require some trial and error on your part, as well a long term commitment to online marketing that is targeted towards your ideal persona. Remember to always keep in mind who you want to work with when you put together any online (or offline!) marketing strategies for your business and make the most of your budget by consistently improving strategies that aren’t working!


Market Your Professional Organizing Business Like a Pro

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