Has it been quite a while since your last blog post? Or are you just in need of some inspiration to get your blog going? 

The main keys to blogging are staying consistent and showing your readers what an expert you are in your field.

We have developed thirteen ideas for professional organizers to blog about, and we have included some tips to get you started.

1. Take Your House Back

It’s easy for people to feel like their things have taken over their house. Taking control of your house is a fantastic blog idea for professional organizers to write. Give tips for finding places for those things that take over homes and create dumping grounds.


2. Decluttering For a Move

For people who don’t declutter throughout the year, it can be a nightmare to move. This blog idea is an excellent opportunity to give easy tips on decluttering for a move. 


3. Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Save Time

Cleaning the grime of a bathroom should be about working smarter, not harder. Give time-saving tips for cleaning bathrooms. 


4. Patio Design Ideas

Everyone wants a beautiful patio. As a professional organizer, readers will not only respect your decluttering tips, they will also look to you for home decor ideas. 


5. Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen is something everyone needs help with. Show readers how to make effective use of racks, dividers, and drawer organizers. 


6. How to Add a Closet Office to Your Home

Closet Offices have become quite popular. Closet offices are a fantastic idea for professional organizers to blog about. Not every home comes with an office, but a spacious closet can become an office. Give readers tips on using nooks, walls, and floating shelves. 


7. Top Tips on How to Store Clothes

What do you do with your winter clothes during the summer? What are the best storing conditions for clothing? What hangers are best for storing clothes? Answer these questions and more when writing a blog on tips for keeping clothes stored.


8. Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Storage issues come with the territory of tiny homes. Often, parents’ bedrooms become the storage unit. Give your readers ideas for storage in a small house. Ideas can include fold-down desks, shelf dividers, and floating bench shelves. 


9. How to Make More Closet Space

Give life hacks on making more room in closets. Include ideas like extra closet rods, using soda tabs for hanging multiple garments on one hanger, and how to use the inside of closet doors for hanging items. 


10. Creative Ideas for Repurposed Plastic Containers

The last thing we should be doing is throwing plastic containers away. Show your commitment to our planet by coming up with creative ideas for repurposed plastic containers. 


11. Use Your Garage for Storing and Parking Your Car

In this blog, give readers tips on ways to use their garage as a place to park their car and store things like out-of-season clothes, tools, and anything that needs to be out of sight. 


12. Using Label Makers Effectively 

Write a blog showing how to effectively use a label maker. Include the best label makers and ones to stay away from. 


13. How to Create a Realistic To-Do List

Come up with simple ways to make To-Do lists and stick with them. This can include limiting tasks, keeping goals and objectives separate, and assigning due dates. You can also cover the best apps for your readers to use. 


Start Blogging For Your Professional Organizing Business Now!

By populating your blog with relevant content, you will improve your SEO (search engine optimization), get more website traffic, create relationships with customers, and position yourself as a leader in the professional organizing industry. Use these blog ideas and create your own brand identity by also blogging about your specific experience with clients and answering questions that potential leads ask. Creating content for your audience is a great way to showcase expertise and build your business. Are you ready to create more content? Download our Free Content Calendar Template here!


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